About Us

Steve Guy and the team from SDRS Enterprises have been involved with ICT since the days of IBM mainframes. Originally from a programming background advances in technology has presented opportunities to diversify.

Utilising the latest advances in digital recording hardware, 802.11 WiFi and Wimax we have developed turn key solutions for the Commercial and Scientific communities to record manage and transport high resolution caputured video from remote sensing equipment.

We can provide low cost data collection and analysis solutions including automatic and manual movement counting, alarm triggering and site monitoring.

Our equipment is suited for installation in harsh remote enviroments including seagoing vessels. Equipment can be remotely managed and is configured for recovery from power failure. Modular design allows easy swap out of components. Service level contracts are available.

We are not a Security Company however equipment could be used for loss management.


24 hr Support -Staff are available 24 hours a day subject to service level.

Knowlege Base - In house design and testing. Case studies available.

Statistical Analysis - We can provide statistical analysis of your data.

Internet - Domain Registration, Hosting, ADSL and Wimax connections via our partners.

MAC® Windows® Support - Sales, Repairs configuration and technical support.